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Young entrepreneur Bobby Herron beats the odds, forges dynamic career

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The variety of positions exposed her to virtually every aspect of a dealership’s front-of-store operations — and also planted the seeds for her business.

“I was very frustrated with vendors who came in with great products that didn’t work well in great stores because technologies couldn’t ‘talk’ to each other,” Herron said. “You’d get thousands of leads, but it didn’t turn them into opportunities to sell cars.”

She started the Bees Knees agency in 2018 after a stint at ZMOT Auto, a digital marketing agency. Her company’s name is a nod to her own nickname, “B,” and to the 1920s term for something that’s excellent or outstanding.

Herron views herself as a matchmaker who helps dealerships tailor their customer relationship management systems to match their processes so they can better communicate with customers. She has built her business to 27 employees working with just more than 70 clients.

Ashlee Church, general manager of Volkswagen of Marion in southern Illinois, a client, said one of Herron’s strengths is that she doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to consulting. Instead, she immerses herself in a store’s operations until she thoroughly uderstands its processes and long-term goals.

And she’s a people person, Church added.

“Bobbie combines new-age processes with old-world charm,” Church said. “She really understands that this still is a people business, including both employees and customers. She’s really fantastic.”

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