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D’Iberville restaurant owner reacts to shutting down business due to worker shortage

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D’IBERVILLE, Miss. (WLOX) – A D’Iberville restaurant said she’s sad to see El Milagro Mexican Grill & Cantina come to a close. After being opened for five years, the restaurant is closing at the end of August.

Workers said that hundreds of people used to visit the grill for its famous Birria Tacos, but now it’s hard to keep up with customer’s orders.

The owner, Brenda Vega, said this isn’t her first business closure, which is why her family named the food spot, El Milagro.

“El Milagro means the miracle. We had businesses before, but then we lost them. So, we were like, ‘Well we’re about to open another restaurant. It makes sense to call it the miracle,” said Vega.

Vega said that she had too many issues hiring more staff, which forced her to make the tough decision.

“My personal opinion is because of all of the government assistance that’s being given out right now. It puts people at home rather than come to work,” said Vega. “Whenever someone would come in for an interview the first thing that they will ask me will be, ‘Well, what are you offering me?’ The first thing I would say is, ‘Well I’m offering you a job,’ that just wasn’t enough,”

Vega said that the restaurant only has six employees with the majority being high school. She knew once it was time for her workers to return to school in August, it would be difficult to keep operations going.

“The students right now are high school students, and they only work for me part time. Whenever they go back to school August 4th, it would be just me in the front and my husband working in the back. We have over 100 items on our menu so I feel like one person in the back can’t prep 100 items,” said Vega.

As the days get closer to August, it gets harder for Vega to come to terms with the fact that something she put so much time in can change at any moment.

“It just feel like it’s a shame. We’ve been here for five years. We don’t want to leave but the situation is just pushing us to leave. We can’t operate a full restaurant with two people because we still want to make sure we’re providing good service,” said Vega.

Vega’s next goal is to open a taco stand in the area. That way, she can still do what she loves while having an easier operation.

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