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Woman who started business with £25 in lockdown is now buying first house at 19

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A woman who borrowed £25 from her grandparents over lockdown has turned her love of sewing into a five-figure business – and now she’s on track to purchase her first home.

Maisie Crompton, 19, owns Totes for You, a fashion brand that specialises in slogan bags, clothing, stationery and prints, with a following of 161,000 on TikTok.

She launched her tote bag business at the height of lockdown with just £25, however a year later, she’s on the way to investing in her first home.

But the former supermarket worker says her idea came about by accident in between shifts as a supermarket worker last year.

Speaking in on YouTube, Maisie said: “In the first lockdown I had just finished my A-levels and was working in Waitrose.

Maisie Crompton, 19
The young woman has put university on hold to pursue her business

“I was really bored in my spare time and I had an idea to start embroidering and it just came to me – tote bags.

“I had no idea how to run a business let alone a successful business.

“I started with £25 that I actually got from my granny. I bought needles, an embroidery hoop, embroidery thread and tote bags for £25 all off Amazon.”

Maisie said she’d taken to sewing as a child and it ‘came naturally’ to her.

She started selling her designs on Depop because there were no seller fees at the time and would design and embroider all her bags by hand.

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Maisie Crompton, 19
Maisie’s orders started flooding in after she launched a Depop account

Maisie Crompton, 19
She creates tote bags, hoodies and even personalised stationery

As the orders started to roll in, Maisie struggled to keep up with the demand and purchased an embroidery machine, meaning she could create a tote bag in ten minutes rather than three hours.

After launching her website in June, Maisie’s orders hit another milestone, turning over £4,000 in her first month.

“In September I quit my supermarket job which meant so much to me, it was a mark of what I achieved,” she said.

By January this year Maisie had launched several new product lines, branching out from totes into sweatshirts, hoodies, notebooks, prints and planners – seeing her turn over five figures a month.

She continued: “Day to day I get between six and 30 orders just depending on the day.

“I was on a gap year. Now I’m on a gap life, I have no plans to go to uni in the near future,” she told her followers.

“I am saving so that I can get a mortgage on a house. I would rather not rent because I see it as a waste of money.

“I’m financially stable enough that I can afford to live somewhere nice, but it’s just not money that I really want to spend.”

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