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The next big thing of 2021: A global stock market revolution

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Stock market trading can be fascinating, but most people tend to make their trading decisions randomly and end up losing money.

According to Asmita Patel, one of Asia’s leading traders and a mentor behind many successful traders across the globe, you cannot achieve huge success from the stock market if you only rely on some petty tips to trade. Trading blindly can also put you at tremendous risk.

To trade successfully, one must understand the stock market in depth and that’s why trading education is vital for anyone who wants to learn how to trade.

Learn a high-income skill

To educate Indians and help them trade better, Asmita is making it her personal mission to organise Asia’s biggest stock market movement – a three-day event, ‘Let’s Make India Trade- A Global Revolution towards Economic Independence’.

“It’s high time, India needs to switch from savings mode to an investing mode,” she says. “Considering the times we live in, it is very important to add a passive income to your paycheck and what better method (to earn money) than the stock market. With my trading systems, all it takes is 15 minutes a day to create a consistent monthly passive income.”

15 minutes a day

Leveraging her 16+ years of trading experience, Asmita has developed through many trials and errors, her own proprietary system to make trading very simple and objective.

Her strategies and systems are well tested, traded with real money and do not use any kind of fundamental or technical analysis. It requires no knowledge of indicators, patterns or graphs. Novice traders can just refer to the first-hand data — Price.

According to Asmita, the systems she has developed are so reliable and efficient that novice traders can trade successfully with the knowledge of only a fifth standard level of mathematics.

Let’s Make India TradeAgencies

Last year, she created a webinar — ‘Trade BankNifty in just 15 minutes a day’ – that helped more than a lakh of people to make money from the stock market during the pandemic. Today, her school – the Asmita Patel Global School of Trading — is Asia’s #1 school in stock market training with a global reach spanning more than 20 countries.

Capitalise on opportunity But trading is not only about numbers. To become successful in life, you must learn the right strategies and build the right mindset.

To achieve anything you want to pursue in life, there are four actions you must do:

1. Decide on what you truly want

2. Channel the energy of your mind so that you’re aligned and focused.

3. Find the best guru. Pick a mentor who has already lived and experienced the path of your dreams.

4. Optimise. This is very important. Optimise

everything that you learn. But these actions are fruitless if you can’t capitalise on opportunities when presented to you. If you do not recognise an opportunity when it comes, and you do not act upon it, preferring instead to wait for the right time, you will lose out. There is no right time, only right now.

Right strategy meets right mindset

The ‘Let’s Make India Trade’ event will not only help you create the right mindset, it will also help you capitalise on the opportunities in front of you.

During the three power-packed days, Asmita will be teaching her ready-to-trade systems which are 100 per cent objective, making them easy to learn and execute. She will also be joined by four legendary speakers who will be present to help attendees create the right winning mindset towards achieving their financial goals.

The speakers include:

Kapil Dev – India’s first World Cup-winning captain

Vishen Lakhiani – Self-help entrepreneur, author and founder of online learning platform, Mindvalley

Sonu Sharma – Motivational speaker and life coach

Pratik Gandhi – Award-winning actor who recently essayed the role of Indian stockbroker Harshad Mehta in a popular web series.

Five legends coming together for one epic eventAgencies

Five legends coming together for one epic event

Q. What is the most exciting thing about ‘Let’s Make India Trade’?

The most exciting part of the three-day mega event is the ‘Trade live with Asmita Patel’ segment. Attendees will get an opportunity to trade live with Asmita, a seasoned market expert. This segment is designed to teach them the tips and tricks to trading successfully, which will help boost their confidence in the stock market and encourage them to trade independently.

Q. Why should I join ‘Let’s Make India Trade’?

The three-day event has been designed to teach those just starting out in the stock market world-class systems that no other trading school will ever train them for. It will also help everyone build a roadmap to success with the right strategies and mindset. And for some people, they will have the chance to practise their newly learned skills by trading live with Asmita.

Book your tickets now on: or call +91 88288 88001

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