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Group honors Lincoln car enthusiast with car show

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – To honor a Lincoln car enthusiast who died last August, people brought their cars to a car show. Rod Phelps, or as his friends call him Mr. Rod, was a part of almost every car group in Lincoln right before his death.

On Monday, people brought out old school cars in all shapes, sizes and ages.

One of Rod’s friends, Larry Reifschneider, said, “[I own] a 1932 Ford Hybrid Roadster.”

Reifschneider has owned this car for six or seven years now and his wife tells him it likely saved his life.

“I have heart trouble. I couldn’t work like I wanted to work but I could go to the garage and work a little bit on the car when I could and when I got tired I went into the house,” Reifschneider said.

Outside of his work on cars, Reifschneider was one of Rod’s classmates. He described Rod as one of the most caring people he knew.

Reifschneider said, “Rod was a fella that if you had trouble with anything he would help you out and he was a good, good car guy.”

Rod’s friends and family also brought out two of the cars he used to own.

They said some of his favorites were hot rods after he fixed up around 50 over his lifetime.

Monday’s event planner, Todd Francisco, said, “By the time he passed away, he was with any car club and he always helped out but he was a great man.”

People weren’t just showing off their cars on Monday, but doing it to help a cause.

The organizers are accepting free-will donations that’ll go directly to the Autism Foundation.

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