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Assam: 100% public transport and govt vehicles to run on electricity by 2030 | Latest

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The Assam government is planning to convert existing public transport and government vehicles to electric mode by 2030 as part of a new policy, a state government official said on Monday.

The Electric Vehicle Policy of Assam, 2021, approved recently, also aims to introduce at least 200,000 electric vehicles (EVs) within the next five years through a set of incentives for buyers.

“It’s a bold decision taken by the government with an eye on improving air quality by reducing emission from vehicles. It’s just the beginning, but we are getting good response to the policy,” principal secretary (industries and commerce) KK Dwivedi said.

As the first step towards implementing the policy, the state cabinet has approved procurement of 200 electric buses and 100 CNG-operated (compressed natural gas) buses for Guwahati.

Dwivedi said that of the 200,000 EVs to be introduced within 5 years, 100,000 will be two-wheelers, 75,000 will be three-wheelers and 25,000 four-wheelers.

“In order to encourage people to buy EVs, the state government will give a subsidy of 20,000 on two-wheelers, 50,000 for three-wheelers and 1.5 lakh for four-wheelers. There will be 100% exemption of registration fees, road tax and parking fees for EVs,” he said.

The policy also envisages charging stations for EVs across the state. Entrepreneurs setting up the stations will get a 90% discount on their electricity bills for the first five years.

“As per Centre’s policy, by 2030, all vehicles older than 15 years found unfit would have to be scrapped. In order to implement that, we have signed agreements with two firms, one from Kolkata and another from Guwahati,” Dwivedi said.

“These scrapping facilities for old and unfit vehicles will be set up near Guwahati and both companies will invest 20 crore for them,” he added.

For EV manufacturing companies interested in setting up their assembly line in Assam, the new policy will provide subsidies on setting up factories, discounts on electricity bills, rebate on income tax etc.

“This is just the beginning. We will be constantly monitoring and will make course correction in policy as and when required. We are open to suggestions on improving it further,” said Dwivedi.

At present, Assam has over 4 million vehicles operating across the state. The new policy envisages that by 2026, 25% of newly-registered vehicles will be EVs.

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