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Workshop Food Hall pulls inspiration from bigger cities for night life and security

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) — Night life is back in Rochester. Owners of the new Workshop Food Hall and Bar transform the restaurant into a night club every Saturday.

“We’re looking to be a place that we don’t really see in Rochester,” Director of Operations Drew Sincebaugh said. “A place to do something after dark, a place to do something after 9 p.m.”

It’s a large space with music, alcohol and a late closing time. Meaning, precautionary measures must be taken.

“We definitely see when you start to get a lot of people together, you gotta be a little more cautious,” Sincebaugh said. “We are a big space. This isn’t a small bar. This isn’t a small restaurant that kind of clears a couple of tables away and turns into a little bit of a dance floor. We kind of turn into a night club. We kind of turn into a concert venue and so we want to make sure people feel safe.”

It’s that reason why The Workshop has hired Rochester Police officers to patrol the late night area. RPD says this is not a new concept.

“Businesses will often contract with the city to have police officers there,” RPD Lt. Josh Thompson said. “As what we call “extra-duty” work so for concerts at the Mayo Civic Center, downtown even at Thursdays on First or Thursday Downtown, high school football games, homecoming dances things like that.”

The Workshop also uses security guards and a metal detector at the entrance to make sure everyone inside feels safe.

“A metal detector means that we’re taking things seriously. It means that we’re not going to let something silly slip through the cracks and someone get hurt,” Sincebaugh said.

Workshop owners understand that the security measures might look intimidating to some, but so far there hasn’t been any issues.

“So far I have not heard of any reasons why there would be a need for an increase in officers. We haven’t had any problems. We haven’t had any concerns,” Lt. Thompson said.

“We want this to be sustainable, right? There are a lot of bars that aren’t doing late night anymore that tried it and it didn’t go well. Issues, incidents, one little thing can cause a good thing to go really bad,” Sincebaugh said.

The ‘Workshop After Dark’ is every Saturday night from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. RPD and Workshop owners encourage everyone looking to have a fun and safe time to check it out.

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