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14th annual Kiwanis of South Spencer car show | News


ROCKPORT — Hundreds of cars filled the Rockport City Park on Saturday for the 14th annual Kiwanis Club of South Spencer Honest Abe car show. Funds raised from the car show help support the children of South Spencer. This year, they were expecting 200 cars to register in the show.

Haley Sublett, the Treasurer of the Kiwanis Club of South Spencer detailed some of the donations the non-profit organization makes with the money that is raised from fundraisers like the car show. All funds go towards organizations or events that benefit the children of the community.

The Kiwanis of South Spencer have made donations to SSHS student scholarships, Boys and Girls Club, CASA, Coat-A-Kid, Holiday Hams, Haiti, Halloween Walk, Health Fair bike giveaway, Riley Hospital, SSHS Music Parents, Spencer County Public Library Summer Programs, Trinity Youth, Upward Basketball, Common Ground, and more.

These donations are all a result of the club’s goal to benefit the children of the South Spencer community. It’s important to highlight that all of the money, apart from the annual Riley Hospital donation, stays within South Spencer.

The Kiwanis of South Spencer scholarships are awarded to SSHS Key Club members. Key Club members are high school aged students who are future Kiwanis members. Key Club is a student-led organization and their goal is to encourage leadership through serving others.

At the car show, there were many different makes, models, and styles of cars for the community to view. Throughout the day, there were also door prizes that were given out to the registrants of the car show.

The Honest Abe car show awards an impressive amount of 100 trophies to the top 100 cars at the show. Some of the top awards are the Best Ford, Best Mopar, Best of Show, and Best of General Motors.

Also at the show, was the Kiwanis Food Tent where event goers could purchase hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, soft drinks, as well as homemade ice cream. Inside the community building at the park, there was also a rummage sale and craft show taking place.

Debbie Steinkamp, the former President of the Kiwanis of South Spencer explained some history of the event. She detailed how the first few years of the car show were originally held at the Holiday Drive In in Reo. But as the car show grew, the location changed to the Rockport City Park where it has remained ever since. The park has been a great location for the show and a lot of the car owners love to be able to park in the grass, since it is cooler than parking on the pavement.

With more than 20 Kiwanis of South Spencer members and volunteers working at the event in various roles throughout the park, this event was clearly a community effort to reach their goals of supporting the children of South Spencer.

Another important fundraiser for the Kiwanis Club of South Spencer is the Avenue of Flags fundraiser. For six holidays per year, for a week each, Kiwanis of South Spencer puts up an American flag for people that want to display their patriotism and support their club. The club provides the flag, pole and receiver. They also put up the flags and take them down during the designated times. If interested in joining their Avenue of Flags fundraiser and supporting the children of South Spencer, a check for $35 can be sent to the organization at the address:

Kiwanis Club of South Spencer

PO Box 183

Rockport, IN 47635

There are currently 29 members of the Kiwanis Club of South Spencer. If interested in supporting their efforts or to learn more about becoming a member, they hold meetings the second Tuesday of every month at noon at Angelo’s Pizza in Rockport.

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