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Wings of Eagles hosts its 2nd Annual Car Show Charity


BIG FLATS, N.Y. (WETM) – Wings Of Eagles Discovery Center’s car show fundraiser returns for its second year in hopes to keep programs, services, and scholarships in place.

This year, Wings of Eagles has added another day of entertainment to their car show fundraiser.

“Last year, we had the first event. It was one day. It was quite a success. So, we figured this year we can, you know, be able to make it two days and get more events in here. Bring some live bands in,” Tracy Sink, President/CEO, Wings of Eagles Discovery Center.

This Fundraiser allows the discovery center to maintain its services.

“It helps with overhead costs. It helps keep our education and STEM classes open for the area youth and scholarships for the low-income families,” said Sink.

Aircrafts featured at the Wings of Eagles Discovery Center.

This annual car show is an important one. If they don’t raise enough funds the doors could shut for good.

“We pretty much since COVID-19, so we’re just tryna get further out of that red zone,” said Sink.

A senior volunteer noted it would be devastating to lose the local activity center and a hit on community members.

“We have agreements. There are loan agreements with all services for all these planes. We’re responsible for them. If they must be turned back, we must pay for shipping them. So, for it to close would be quite bad,” said Dave Harkness, Senior Volunteer, Wings of Eagles Discovery Center.

The car show is an intricate part of the Wings of Eagles Discovery Center expanding and advancing in the community.

“All of us here would like to expand this place. Wings of Eagles used to be huge, as we make this building into what we want,“ said Harkness.

The Wings of Eagles staff are opening their doors to neighbors to volunteer for their 2-day car show fundraiser Saturday, June 25th, and Sunday, June 26th, 10 am – 4 pm.

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