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Woman Says She Was Refused Service at RI Restaurant After “Tip-Shaming”


Thursday, January 12, 2023


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A woman says that she was publically “tip-shamed” and refused service at a restaurant in Rhode Island this week. 

Ericka Gomes said that on Wednesday night, she went with her brother and daughter to Miller’s Crossing in Cranston, which she said she had been “patronizing faithfully for the past four or so months.”

According to Gomes, patrons check off on a slip what their food choices are, which are then brought to the bartender to fill the order in the kitchen. 


But this week, Gomes said that her family was turned away. 

“Every Wednesday we go for 35 cent wings and for the past 5-6 weeks I have personally ordered no less than $30-$35 worth of food (wings, fried pickles, steak and cheese egg rolls, etc),” said Gomes. “I can honestly say I typically leave $40 on my card to include a tip – [I’m] not always able to leave more than that depending how my account is set up.”

Gomes, who works in child care during the day and a domestic violence worker at night, said she “leaves what she can afford” for a tip. 

“[This week] we were refused service — me, my brother and my daughter, for not leaving a tip to the bartender’s liking,” said Gomes. “And the bartender was not only rude and disrespectful, but unwilling to communicate effectively or listen to reason.”

“The end result was that he not only tip-shamed us in front of other patrons, it was humiliating and is giving discriminatory vibes on more than one level,” said Gomes.

Speaking with GoLocal, Gomes said before leaving she went to ask the bartender why he did not fill their order, when she said he yelled at her saying, “I don’t do this for fun.”

“He said you can’t come in here, you had $35 of food and left me a $3 tip,” said Gomes. “There were so many people at the bar looking at me while he was doing this, shaking their heads like OMG.”

“I get that people get paid minimum wage, and I understand that tips are important,” said Gomes. “Since we started coming in for wings, we started buying more food. Yes, sometimes I’ve only paid a few dollars — I don’t want my account to be overdrawn — but sometimes I’ve paid more.”

“I tried to keep my cool. I said why didn’t you come to us to discuss,” said Gomes. “Tips aren’t mandatory. I said I’m pretty sure this isn’t legal. The bartender said ‘I have the right to refuse service.’”

Miller’s, when reached, said the business had “no comment.”



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